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Sustainable Development Goals: the Inter-Institutional Group promoted by civic organizations for an inclusive and sustainable Europe is born.
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The idea to encourage an informal Inter-Institutional Group able to interconnect the goals of the Agenda 2030 with the consumer protection was announced by Cittadinanzattiva and the European Consumer Union on March 2019 during the event, held at the European Parliament, “Towards EU election: strengthening the European Union to a more effective consumers protection”. Later on, just after the 2019 European elections, Active Citizenship Network (ACN) - the EU branch of the NGO Cittadinanzattiva –and the European umbrella association European Consumers Union (ECU) have invited the civil society coalition Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS) to co-promote this political initiative.
Why the informal Inter-Institutional Group “SDGs for well-being and consumers’ protection”? Download the Manifesto.

Inter institutional Group Manifesto revised 1


SDGs Multi-Stakeholder Network
The SDGs Stakeholder Network is the broader civic society-led network of SDGs stakeholders, promoted to endorse the Inter-institutional Group “SDGs for well-being and consumers’ protection”. One of its aims is collecting and sharing best practices, as well as comparing experiences coming from different EU Member States.
To know more about the first 47 organizations which have decided to support the activities of the new Inter-Institutional Group, download the document.

Inter institutional Group SDGs Multi Stakeholder Network revised 1